Wildwood Fall Events: Relieving MudHen’s 2nd Annual Oyster Fest

Oyster Fest is one of many Wildwood fall events that MudHen Brew is proud to host.

Fall in Wildwood isn’t just about the serene waves and the autumn leaves falling gently onto the shore. It’s about the community coming together to celebrate the season, and what better way to do that than at MudHen’s 2nd Annual Oyster Fest. This gathering wasn’t just an event, but an experience that left everyone yearning for more. From the delightful oysters provided by Cape May Salt Oyster Farms to the rhythm of the live music that echoed through the Biergarten, it was a day marked by good food, great company, and the invigorating spirit of Wildwood’s community.

Wildwood Fall Events at MudHen Brew

The Essence of Community Gathering

Wildwood’s fall events have a charm that is unmatched. Bringing together locals and visitors alike in a celebration that goes beyond the ordinary. MudHen’s 2nd Annual Oyster Fest was a testament to this tradition. The fun could be felt in the air, as laughter and conversation filled the Biergarten surrounded by live tunes.

Oyster Galore

The star of the show was undoubtedly the oysters. Thanks to Cape May Salt Oyster Farms, attendees could enjoy the freshest oysters, shucked right there on the patio’s raw bar. The subtle brininess of the oysters paired impeccably with the specialty cocktails that were crafted for the event. It was a feast not just for the palate, but for the soul.

Music and Merriment

The live music by Loose Ends from 1pm to 5pm in the Biergarten was the perfect accompaniment to the festivities. The notes of the music intertwined with the joyous chatter, creating an ambiance that was both relaxing and invigorating.

The Shucking Contest: A Display of Skill and Speed

The anticipation built as the clock neared 3pm, the start time for the much-awaited amateur shucking contest. As participants geared up, the crowd’s excitement was palpable. The entry fee was a modest $30, but the stakes were high and the competition fierce.

Shucking and Jiving

At the heart of it, the contest was a celebration of skill and community. It was about more than just the oysters; it was about the pride of participating in a tradition. And oh, what a shuckin’ good time it was! Ken, the birthday boy, stole the show by winning the contest, showcasing a blend of speed and finesse that left the spectators in awe.

A Cause Worth Shucking For

The event was not just about revelry; it had a cause at its core. The contest managed to raise $200, which was generously donated to the Cape May Whale Watch & Research Center. This gesture underscored the community’s spirit of giving and celebrating together, making the event resonate on a deeper level. As an added bonus, we’ve been granted the honor of naming a dolphin, a testament to our dedication to marine conservation.

Crowning Moments

Ken's Whale of a Win

Winning the shucking contest was sweet, but the icing on the cake for Ken was the bounty he received. Four tickets for a Whale, Bird, & Dolphin watch trip, along with a stylish MudHen Hat, made his victory (and birthday) all the more special.

The Lasting Echo

As the day came to a close, the joyous echoes of the event lingered in the hearts of the attendees. The blend of camaraderie, competition, and charity made this one of the memorable Wildwood fall events. 

FAQs About Wildwood Fall Events At MudHen Brew

The event took place on Sunday, October 8th, from 1pm to 5pm.

The oysters were provided by Cape May Salt Oyster Farms.

The amateur shucking contest was a major highlight, along with live music by Loose Ends and the raw bar on the patio.

Ken won the shucking contest and was awarded four tickets for a Whale, Bird, & Dolphin watch trip and a MudHen Hat.

$200 was raised and donated to the Cape May Whale Watch & Research Center.

The entry fee for the contest was $30.

Dirndls and Lederhosen are highly encouraged! Otherwise, opt for something festive in traditional German colors and Alpine-inspired looks.

The MudHen’s 2nd Annual Oyster Fest wasn’t just an event, it was a rendezvous of hearts united by a love for community, oysters, and the fall season. It exemplified what Wildwood fall events embody – a sense of belonging, fun, and a touch of the extraordinary. As the autumn leaves continue to fall, the memories of that splendid day continue to warm the hearts of the Wildwood community, leaving an anticipatory smile for the next fall gathering.

Stay tuned for more exciting events and delicious experiences here at MudHen Brewing Co. 

Until next time, keep the sea in your heart and a pint in your hand!

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