Weather Permitting

originally published at: bloglebrewski.blogspot.com

This weekend marks MudHen Brewing Co’s return to the Wildwood Farmer’s Market. I’ll be working it, as many Saturdays as the weather allows, through Labor Day weekend.

I’m not a morning person, but I can manage selling beer I help make with a smile on my face for a few hours every weekend!

We’ll have a smattering of beers for sale in 4-packs and 6-packs, as well as Crowlers. The market will be open at 8AM sharp, perfect for early birds to stock up on beer to enjoy for the weekend.

Also back on tap this weekend – Captain Doug’s Porter! Our award-winning porter is often requested by locals and visitors alike. Light-bodied enough to enjoy during the warmer months, it’s still a robust, flavorful porter that beer drinkers of all kinds can enjoy.

We’ll have it on Nitro, of course, listed as our Primary Cut beer selection while it lasts!

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