Colin visits the Ten22 Tavern in Pittsgrove

Explore the Vibrant Scene at Ten22 Tavern in Pittsgrove

Welcome to Ten22 Tavern in Pittsgrove

On this beautiful day in Pittsgrove, we invite you to join us at the Ten22 Tavern. Step inside and meet Mallory as we indulge in a refreshing MudHen Pils and discover the bustling atmosphere of this beloved establishment.

Happy Hour Delights

At Ten22, the fun doesn’t stop when the sun goes down. Enjoy discounted drinks and appetizers during happy hour from Wednesday through Friday, 4 PM to 6 PM. It’s the perfect opportunity to unwind after a long day and catch up with friends over delicious bites and drinks.

Weekly Specials Galore

Looking for something special? Ten22 has you covered. Dive into Wing Wednesday with five wings for just $6, accompanied by discounted mini pitchers. On Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, tantalize your taste buds with ever-changing dinner specials, including an appetizer and an entree.

Colin Sits Down With Mallory from The Ten22 Tavern in Pittsgrove

Colin @MUDHENBREW:  It is a beautiful day in Pittsgrove. We are at the Ten22 Tavern. We’re going to go inside, see Mallory, have a MudHen Pils, see what’s going on here. Come on inside. 

Colin @MUDHENBREWAlright, so we are here with Mallory having a MudHen Pils. Mallory, thanks so much for having us. 

Mallory @TEN22TAVERNAbsolutely, thank you.

Colin @MUDHENBREWSo at Ten22, what do you guys have going on in terms of like happy hours? 

Mallory @TEN22TAVERNOkay, so we do have happy hour from Wednesday through Friday. We have discounted drinks and some discounted apps on there. 

Colin @MUDHENBREWWhat time is that? 

Mallory @TEN22TAVERNAnd that is from 4PM to 6PM. Yeah. Wednesday through Friday. 

Colin @MUDHENBREWAnd then how about like dinner specials, anything like that, specials? 

Mallory @TEN22TAVERNYeah, absolutely. So we do wing Wednesday just five wings for $6 and you also get discounted mini pitchers for that. And then on Friday, Saturday and Sunday we have dinner specials, which change weekly. It’ll include an app and an entree. 

Colin @MUDHENBREWAwesome. 

Mallory @TEN22TAVERNYeah. 

Colin @MUDHENBREWAnd then how about anything else? Like you guys do like fun nights to bring people in?

Mallory @TEN22TAVERNAbsolutely. So Thursdays is trivia. It starts at seven o’clock local guy Bumpus, does it. He’s awesome. And then on Saturdays we do karaoke from 8PM to close. Oh, wow. And those guys are also great. They’re pretty new, so they’ve been doing a great job. 

Colin @MUDHENBREWHead out here to Ten22. It’s more than a golf course bar. There’s a lot going on. The brisket, phenomenal.  Thank you so much for having us. 

Mallory @TEN22TAVERNYeah. 

Colin @MUDHENBREWCheers. 

Mallory @TEN22TAVERNCheers. Thanks again.

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Fun-Filled Nights at The Ten22 Tavern in Pittsgrove

But that’s not all – Ten22 goes above and beyond to keep the entertainment flowing. Test your knowledge at Thursday night trivia, hosted by the charismatic local legend, Bumpus. And on Saturdays, unleash your inner rockstar at karaoke from 8 PM until close. With engaging hosts and a lively crowd, it’s an experience you won’t want to miss.

So why wait? Head out to Ten22 Tavern in Pittsgrove, check out their Instagram @Ten22Tavern for weekly specials and events and discover why it’s more than just a golf course bar. From mouthwatering brisket to exciting events, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Cheers to good times and great memories at Ten22!

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