To Name A Beer

One might think that naming a craft beer is a simple task. However, there’s a lot involved in what goes into naming a beer. One major aspect of naming a beer is whether or not other breweries have used the name or some iteration of it. Another is whether the name makes the beer sound like it tastes good or is appealing to a first-time consumer. For instance, you probably wouldn’t reach for a beer that’s named in a way as to conjure the smell at low-tide in the estuary. Or of stinging insects that can be a nuisance. And you probably wouldn’t want to order a beer that’s hard to pronounce or is downright perplexing if you’ve never had it before.

Clean, simple, unique – these are what a beer name ideally should be. The name should tell you something about the beer that will make you want to purchase one (or try one, at least). Maybe it hints at the broad history behind the brewery or the area it’s located – like the 1883 IPA.

It often takes an entire team of people to come up with – and approve – a beer’s name. Someone is constantly checking to see if it’s taken. Someone else is establishing an understanding of what direction the beer name should go. Here at MudHen, we also have our resident artist, Russ, whose input is always valuable and our can designs kind of (really) depend on him.

Stay tuned for new beers on tap and in cans. We hope the names delight you and entice you to have a pint (or two).


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