Summer Swelter

If you don’t know by now, my name is is Liz and I write these blog entries detailing my job as the assistant brewer at MudHen Brewing Co.

Summer is full-swing and we are going at 90mph to ensure we have the freshest beer on the island ready to enjoy for all of you who come to see us.

Not only that, but we’ve finalized our GABF competition entries for this year, and are working on getting those packaged up and out the door!

It’s just the two of us back there, sweating and joking and brewing the days away. As I type this, Tony’s working on racking over a new batch of the 1883 IPA that will be on tap probably first thing Thursday morning. I’m taking a little break from cleaning kegs in order to get this posted, since I’ll be back at it tomorrow in there cleaning even more kegs and helping out with a double brew day.

The summer is going by faster than I expected, but after an entire year of utter chaos, I guess it’s to be expected. 2020 was the year that wouldn’t end, and 2021 is the year that flew by!

We’re nearly out of the Kitty Cats & Fireworks 4-packs, which isn’t surprising how popular it is. But those of you looking for MudHen cans, have no fear – we’ll have the Wildwood Haze NEIPA back on shelves before August, so keep your eyes peeled for that. I’m sure I’ll have a blog detailing another canning day when that happens, so if you’re reading this: stay tuned!

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