the best craft beer at Reunion Hall in Haddon Township

Reunion Hall in Haddon Township: The BEST New Craft Brewery & Bar

Nestled in the heart of Haddon Township, New Jersey, Reunion Hall in Haddon Township stands as a grand testament to spacious design and thoughtful architecture. Spanning an impressive 5,000 square feet indoors and an additional 4,000 square feet outside, this establishment is not just a building—it’s a multifaceted sanctuary for those who appreciate good times and great beverages. The layout facilitates a fluid experience of inside/outside dining, allowing guests to bask in the beauty of natural light or revel in the cozy ambience indoors. 

Each nook within Reunion Hall invites conversation and camaraderie, while the two distinctive bar areas promise a convivial atmosphere where stories are shared as freely as the drinks are poured.

Reunion Hall in Haddon Township: Brewing a New Concept

The New Jersey craft beer landscape has welcomed a fresh face with the opening of Reunion Hall in Haddon Township. Just three weeks into its inception, Reunion Hall is already stirring up excitement amongst the locals. MudHen Brewing Company’s “Checks In” series had the pleasure of visiting this burgeoning spot, where we met with Dave, the visionary owner behind Reunion Hall in Haddon Township and got a taste of their MudHen Pils.

Dave has ambitiously conceptualized Reunion Hall in Haddon Township as a blend of a brewery and a bar—a pairing that’s refreshingly different from the usual scene. With two bars and three different kitchens under one roof, all operating on a single tab, Reunion Hall in Haddon Township offers a unique take on the brewery experience. This innovative concept is what sets Reunion Hall apart, providing patrons with an array of culinary delights and craft beer selections without the hassle of multiple checks.

Colin's Visit to The Deauville Inn Strathmere, NJ

Colin @MUDHENBREW Today’s episode we are on Haddon Avenue at Reunion Hall. This is a place that has just recently opened up. We’re going to go inside, have a MudHen Pils, talk to Dave, and see what’s going on here. Dave, congratulations on recently opening, correct?

Dave @ReunionHallHT: Yeah, thank you. We’re three weeks in.

Colin @MudHenBrew:   So what’s the concept here? What’s going on?

Dave @REUNIONHALLHT: Kind of Brewery Meets Bar, which is a little bit different than what’s been out there. We’ve got two bars, and then we’ve got three different kitchens, but all on one tab.

Colin @MudHenBrew:  But folks can keep up with you how, in terms of like social media, website, that’s where they find you?

Dave @REUNIONHALLHT: Yeah, the common site deal. We’ve got reunionhallnj.com is our website. Reunion Hall on Instagram and Reunion Hall on Facebook, so.

Colin @MudHenBrew:  Come check it out. This place is awesome. Reunion Hall on Haddon Ave. – Cheers. Bye.

Keeping Up with Reunion Hall in Haddon Township

Staying connected with Reunion Hall in Haddon Township is a breeze, thanks to their robust online presence. Dave pointed out that the best way to keep up with their latest offerings and events is through their social media channels and website. With Reunion Hall in Haddon Township active on Instagram and Facebook, followers can easily stay in the loop and not miss out on any of the action.

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A Craft Beer Connoisseur's Dream: The Libations at Reunion Hall

The heart of Reunion Hall’s allure lies in its diverse selection of libations. With an array of 56 craft beers on tap, the venue is a beacon for beer enthusiasts searching for local flavors or beloved classics. The dedication to variety doesn’t end with hops and malt; the cocktail and wine lists are curated with the same passion for quality and diversity. Whether you’re a fan of the artful cocktail, a lover of fine wine, or a craft beer aficionado, Reunion Hall caters to every palate with its extensive offerings. Each sip is an invitation to explore a world of flavors, crafted to complement the vibrant atmosphere of this Haddon Township gem.

A Toast to Reunion Hall in Haddon Township

As we left Reunion Hall in Haddon Township, it was clear that Dave and his team are onto something special. This establishment isn’t just a new bar or a new brewery; it’s a new chapter in the Haddon Township community—a place where every visit feels like a reunion. Here’s to Reunion Hall in Haddon Township: to the fresh experiences, to the friendships forged over pints, and to the future celebrations that await within its walls.

Reunion Hall - Haddon Township, NJ

Reunion Hall is proudly located in Haddon Township, New Jersey. With a 5,000-square-feet interior and 4,000-square-feet exterior, the sprawling space features inside/outside dining paired with two unique bar areas. There are 56 craft beers on tap along with great cocktail and wine lists.

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