Red, White, and Blueberry

The Fourth of July is upon us once again, and the island is filled with beach-goers galore. I even got my first – and hopefully only – sunburn of the season this past weekend.

We’re gearing up production back in the brewery in preparation for the masses to stop in and have a beer, which means quicker turnovers of our Fruitie Patootie and IPA varieties.

To complement the banners and flags that will be waving this weekend, Fruitie Patootie blueberry will be tapped on Thursday, July 1st. The following evening, we’ll have our imperial IPA Kitty Cats & Fireworks on tap, just in time for you to stop in and have a glass before the fireworks!

If IPAs or fruited blonde ales aren’t your thing, we have Shorezy – a crisp, clean, refreshing summer ale sitting at a quaffable 4.9%. It’s quickly becoming a seasonal favorite, so make sure you have one before it’s gone.

I know I’ll be sipping on one after a long day of brewing!


Liz (Assistant Brewer)

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