Our 40 favorite N.J. food photos of 2020

Originally posted at nj.com
Dec 30, 2020

Pretzels, dips, beer, Mudhen Brewing, Wildwood

I became a bar pretzel connoisseur of sorts during my shore walk this summer. They were a comfort food warmup to dinner. The pretzels at Mudhen were easily the best of all I sampled, proof that not all bar pretzels are created equal. The dipping sauces, especially the spicy horseradish, elevated these pretzels to near-mythic status. The beer — the crisp, refreshing Holly Beach Wheat — helped, too.

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Colin visits the Ten22 Tavern in Pittsgrove

Explore the Vibrant Scene at Ten22 Tavern in Pittsgrove

Welcome to Ten22 Tavern in Pittsgrove On this beautiful day in Pittsgrove, we invite you to join us at the Ten22 Tavern. Step inside and meet Mallory as we indulge in a refreshing MudHen Pils and discover the bustling atmosphere of this beloved establishment. Happy Hour Delights At Ten22, the

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Check out the all-new Bogey's Bistro in Sewell, New Jersey

Discover the All-New Bogey’s Bistro in Sewell, New Jersey

Unveiling the New Bogey’s Experience This week, our MudHen Checks-In video series takes us to Bogey’s Bistro in Sewell, New Jersey. Join us as we step inside this beloved establishment to uncover the exciting changes and new offerings awaiting patrons this season. A Fresh Start At Bogey’s Bistro, the 2024

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