Of And Relating to Aquatic Birds

For the past two days, I’ve had a visitor in my backyard of the Great Blue Heron variety. It was hanging out by the koi pond all day Sunday until my spouse decided to shoo it off, since we enjoy having koi fish. This morning, it was perched on the edge of our above-ground pool until I opened the blinds to get a better look at it.

It’s very fitting we were visited by this flying dinosaur due to the fact we are canning our Cackling Coot Belgian Tripel this week in the brewery.

Named after the American Coot’s call, an homage to the migratory bird found in the rivers, streams, and marshes of Southern Jersey, our Cackling Coot is a delightful, strong Belgian ale with a fruit aroma and a touch of spice from fermentation.

We’ll have four-packs for sale and the beer on tap in our pub later this week, so make sure you stop in to have a pint.


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