Must Be Spring Because

Originally published at: bloglebrewski.blogspot.com

We’ve been busy with production!

On top of the release of the Open Brow for this weekend – our annual salute to the Coast Guard community right here in Cape May County – we’ve also debuted this year’s first iteration of Fruitie Patootie! It’s blueberry, so you know we’re starting off strong. (Anybody wanna take a guess at what flavors will be this year? Hint: some old favorites and something new!)

AND this week we canned the 1883 IPA again. Just in time to stock up for the gorgeous weekend weather. Take a four-pack of that (and maybe some Cackling Coot while supplies last) to the beach or crack one open after the MudHen Race series if you’re running this year.

Also back on tap this weekend after a week-long hiatus is the Bakers’ Double IPA. At a whopping 9.1%, this beer still drinks just as easy as it’s previous 8% batches.

On top of all this production, we’ve just celebrated our 3rd Anniversary Party. Thank you to everyone who came out to support us, John Couchard, local artist A. Russ Simmons, and our MudHen Brewing Co. staff for making it an exceptional event. We can’t wait to celebrate our 4th Anniversary with you all!

Cheers to our US Coast Guard, everyone racing this weekend, and all of our local brewery friends.

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