Exploring Local Flavors: MudHen’s Visit to Cinder Bar in Clarksboro, NJ

When it comes to discovering the vibrant essence of New Jersey’s craft beer scene, few things compare to the joy of exploring local gems that make our state special. It’s with this spirit of exploration that MudHen Brewing Company’s latest “MudHen Checks In” series took us to the welcoming doors of Cinder Bar in Clarksboro, NJ. A place where the warmth of community and the zest of local craft beer blend seamlessly, offering an experience that’s truly unique to the Garden State.

A Warm Welcome from Cinder Bar in Clarksboro

Upon arrival, we were greeted by Brianna, a beacon of hospitality and knowledge at Cinder Bar, who was kind enough to share the ins and outs of what makes Cinder Bar a must-visit spot for anyone looking to savor the best of NJ craft beer and beyond. The allure of Cinder Bar isn’t just in its beverages; it’s in the experience of gathering, sharing, and discovering.

Happy Hour and Jersey Thursdays

One of the highlights of Cinder Bar’s offering is their Happy Hour, running from Monday through Friday, 3 to 6 PM. It’s a time when locals and visitors alike can enjoy discounted appetizers, wood-fired pizzas, cocktails, and beers, making it the perfect setting to unwind after a day’s work or kick-start an evening of relaxation and enjoyment.

But the true testament to Cinder Bar’s commitment to celebrating local culture comes alive with their Jersey Thursdays. Every Thursday, patrons are treated to a $2 discount on all local New Jersey craft beers. It’s a day dedicated to the craft beer aficionados and casual drinkers alike, aiming to highlight and support the rich tapestry of breweries that New Jersey prides itself on, including those crafted by MudHen Brewing Company.

Colin's Conversation with Brianna The Cinder Bar in Clarksboro, NJ

Colin @MudHenBrew: We’re at the Cinder Bar in Clarksboro. We’re about to go see Brianna, have a MudHen Pils, and find out what’s going on here. Alright, so we’re here with Brianna. Thanks so much for having us. Yeah, for coming. So what’s going on here at the Cinder Bar? Cinder Bar right now, we’re offering our Happy Hour, Monday through Friday from 3 to 6.

Brianna @CinderBarWhiskeyMill: We have some discounted appetizers, wood fired pizzas, cocktails, and beers. Also, if you’re in the area, stop by for Jersey Thursdays. We have a $2 off all local New Jersey craft beers. So they can find all of this on the website, on your social media? Yeah, you can go  to cinderbar.com. We have two locations. Check out our menus. Or you can go to @CinderBarWhiskeyMill on Instagram and find everything that we’re doing, all the specials that we offer.

Colin @MudHenBrew: Awesome. Thank you so much for having us. Yeah.  Come back and see you soon. Sounds good. Cinderbar, Clarksboro.

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Stay Connected with Cinder Bar in Clarksboro

For those eager to keep up with Cinder Bar’s offerings, specials, and events, their website and social media platforms are treasure troves of information. By visiting cinderbar.com, visitors can explore the menus of their two locations, plan their visits, and anticipate the culinary delights that await. Furthermore, their Instagram account, @CinderBarWhiskeyMill, serves as a visual appetizer to the experiences that Cinder Bar curates for its guests, from mouth-watering dishes to the perfect pour of craft beer.

A Parting Invitation

As our visit came to a close, the sentiment was clear: Cinder Bar in Clarksboro is more than just a stop along the journey; it’s a destination in its own right. A place where the love for food, beer, and community comes together to create unforgettable moments. Brianna’s parting words, inviting us to come back soon, resonated as an echo of the welcoming spirit that defines not only Cinder Bar but the very essence of New Jersey’s hospitality.

In the “MudHen Checks In” series, each visit is a narrative of discovery, camaraderie, and the celebration of local excellence. Our journey to Cinder Bar in Clarksboro, NJ, was a reminder of the simple joys that come from good company, great food, and exceptional beer. Here’s to many more visits, to Cinder Bar and beyond, as we continue to celebrate the heart and soul of NJ’s craft beer community. Cheers to local flavors, cheers to Cinder Bar, and cheers to the adventures that await.

Cinder Bar - Clarksboro, NJ

A local favorite known for its refined gastropub fare paired with an impressive selection of craft beers, including MudHen’s own brews. Cinder Bar offers a cozy, inviting atmosphere that’s perfect for both casual drinkers and craft beer aficionados alike.

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