Just The Two of Us

I knew this summer was going to be hectic. Tony and I both knew it – we called it last year mid-pandemic. Everyone else who worked in the brewpub last year knew we’d be slammed every single day from Memorial Day to Labor Day (and probably until mid-December, if I’m being realistic).

This summer, we’ve been breaking records in how much beer is getting poured in a week. And that’s to be expected as the brewpub grows and more people come to visit us, as well as things transitioning to a post-lockdown era.

We’ve also been brewing at least 3 days a week, racking at least 2 days a week, and cleaning kegs every other week. Usually these things are happening concurrently.

And it’s just the two of us back there doing all of it. I’m trying to learn even more about brewing, while jugging at least one other task every single day I’m clocked in as the assistant brewer.

For instance, Wednesdays were originally designated as my “office” days. Where I’d come to the office, sit at a computer, order necessities like cans or kegs, write blogs, revise training materials for our servers, and then hold quick Beer Chats in the afternoon with our evening front-of-house crew. I even wore cute little office outfits for my first 3 weeks doing this.

Now? I’m juggling being in the brewery while getting my office tasks done because there is just so much to do to keep us on track with production and distribution. So, no more cute office wear! It’s brewery clothes all day e’ry day!

The two of us can handle it – are handling it! And with poise, if I do say so myself. (Just ignore my red, sweaty face when I emerge from the brewery like a schmapp-covered goblin, please & thank you.) But the impending expansion brings thoughts of more people working back there with us, having a blast, and making some of the best craft beer New Jersey has to offer. 

We’re just a team of two, right now, and an amazing team of two, but someday we’ll be an amazing team of more.

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