Family Friendly Event: A Frolic Through MudHen Brew’s 2023 Harvest Fest

When looking for a family friendly event in Wildwood, look no further than Harvest Fest at Mudhen Brew. As the autumn breeze starts to sweep through Wildwood, a wave of anticipation envelops the town with the arrival of MudHen Brew’s Harvest Fest on the horizon. This fest is more than just a seasonal celebration; it’s a reflection of the values and communal spirit that Wildwood holds dear. It’s about bringing together the love for craft beer, the joy of family, the sound of laughter echoing through the crisp air, and the creation of shared moments that transform a simple weekend into a memorable community gathering. 

This year, the fest, held on September 29 – 30, went above and beyond to offer a range of activities that catered to both the young and the young at heart. It stood out as a remarkable blend of frolic and fellowship, making it a benchmark of family friendly events in Wildwood, where the love for good beer meets the joy of family fun under the warm autumn sun.

Family Friendly Events in Wildwood

A Canvas of Creativity

Among the attractions that made MudHen Brew’s Harvest Fest a hit were the activities that catered to the young ones. Donna Cox brought colors to life with her face painting magic from 12pm – 4pm, turning little faces into canvases of joy. Meanwhile, pumpkins turned into vibrant masterpieces as kids immersed themselves in pumpkin painting, a delightful activity that saw the garden turn into an outdoor art studio.

Games and Giggles

The air was filled with laughter as folks enjoyed a friendly game of cornhole. The outdoor games arena became a playground where camaraderie and competition brewed, adding a sprinkle of playful spirit to the fest.  Face painting and caricatures added an extra layer of fun, bringing smiles to everyone’s faces.

family friendly face painting in wildwood harvest fest at mudhen
face painting by donna cox at wildwood harvest fest 2023

Harmonies in the Harvest Air

Tunes Under the Twilight

As the day transitioned into a cool evening, the vibrant rhythms of live bands filled the autumn breeze. On the evening of September 29th, the Chris Sacks Band hit the stage at 5pm, their music resonating with the crowd, striking a chord with every beat. The next evening was lit up by the Megan Knight Band at 5pm, their melodies adding a lyrical charm to the sunset hues and whispering leaves.

Nummy Pumpkin Gets Tapped

Tapping into Autumn

At 6pm on September 29th, a much-anticipated moment arrived at MudHen Brew’s Harvest Fest. The tapping of the limited release fall Brown Ale, Nummy Pumpkin, commenced.

Beer, the Heart of the Fest

This fall-inspired brown ale, made with fall squash, brown sugar, raw vanilla beans, and a mix of seasonal spices, brought the essence of autumn to each glass. To enhance the flavor, each serving was presented in a glass rimmed with a blend of cinnamon and sugar, adding a sweet and spicy kick. The Nummy Pumpkin was more than just a beverage; it was a way for everyone at the fest to toast to the harvest season.







Fusing Families and Froth

An Inclusive Affair

What made MudHen Brew’s Harvest Fest stand out among other family friendly events in Wildwood was its inclusive vibe. It crafted a space where both kids and adults could enjoy the festivities to the fullest. The blend of family-friendly activities with the appeal of fine craft beer showcased a community celebration at its best.

FAQs About Family Friendly Events In Wildwood Hosted By MudHen Brew

The fest ran from September 29 – 30.

Chris Sacks Band performed on September 29th and Megan Knight Band on September 30th, both starting at 5pm.

The Nummy Pumpkin, a fall Brown Ale, was tapped at 6pm on September 29th.

Ken won the shucking contest and was awarded four tickets for a Whale, Bird, & Dolphin watch trip and a MudHen Hat.

Yes, attendees enjoyed playing cornhole among other outdoor games.

MudHen Brew’s 2023 Harvest Fest showcased the essence of family friendly events in Wildwood, offering something enjoyable for everyone. The event brought together the community, craft beer enthusiasts, and joyful families, creating a sense of unity in Wildwood. As autumn progresses, the memories from this fest linger, with the community looking forward to celebrating together again at next year’s harvest fest.

Stay tuned for future events and gatherings that celebrate the essence of community and good times. Until next time, cheers to pumpkin-filled days and the wonderful spirit of fall!

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