What a great and overwhelming response to our Fruitie Patootie series. If you haven’t tried one yet, what are you waiting for? Raspberry was an awesome success. That brew is long gone. Currently we still have some blueberry while supplies last but not for too much longer.

Fruitie Patootie is a refreshing blonde ale that gets it’s fruit flavor from a berry pureé. Now I know what you’re thinking but let me tell you something. You’re thinking yeah, yeah, fruit mixed with beer, it’s a shandy but it’s not a shandy. You’re thinking it has some overpowering fruit candy flavor and probably some weird aftertaste but it doesn’t. Fruitie Patootie is simply a delicious ale with just enough fruit to add a nice sweetness to the natural flavor. I promise you will be surprised at how good these are.

Currently there are two more flavors in the works for the season then you might have to wait until next year when these are gone. Stay tune for Strawberry and Peach releases. While you are waiting for those, come on down and grab a blueberry.

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