Fishing For Life

Founded by Jim Holden, Fish for Life is an organization based in Southern California that provides free fishing trips to kids with special needs. 

Fish for Life was founded in 2009 when Jim’s friend, Jeffrey Kutcher, asked him to go on a fishing trip. As an avid saltwater fisherman, Jim was elated by this idea. Today, Fish for Life has served over 1,500 special needs children.

This summer, they have expanded to the east coast with 3 trips partnered with Starlight Fleet in Wildwood Crest, NJ. 

These trips took place throughout the summer with the last one taking place September 17th

After the trip, MudHen Brewing Co. hosted all volunteers for a dinner at our brewpub. This included a buffet and drinks as a thank you for those benefiting our community and providing its members with a memorable experience.

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