Downtime? What is Downtime?

We’re well into January 2021, and one might expect that means a lot of downtime in a place down the shore. Quite the opposite, in fact. Pub-side business is booming, Tony’s got most of the year already planned out for the brewery, and – despite it being off-season – there is always something to do brew-side.

Because we have plans for expansion, and those plans are already in motion, it was high-time to rework some plumbing and piping to some of our fermentation vessels. With that done and out of the way, we took the opportunity to clean the outsides of all 9 vessels. Decidedly not a dry job, Tony and I donned our rubber boots and safety goggles, and we broke out the ladders. Then we got to work ensuring the stainless steel would be blinding in the mid-afternoon sun that comes through our street-side garage doors. With most of our storage racks out of the way, I tackled the floors behind the mill room and got them ready for a brand new year of brewing, too.

Again, this job isn’t glamorous or thrilling. It is exciting, it is labor-intensive. it is one of the most fun jobs I’ve ever, ever had.

And when I’m done with my day in the brewery, I usually enjoy a well-deserved pint of whatever’s my current favorite on tap. As I write this, I have a pint of MudHen Pils next to me. Crisp and refreshing with a vaguely floral finish. It’s this beer in particular that makes me wish domestic beers were made in compliance with the German Purity Laws. This is truly a gratifying beer to end a long day.


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