Country Weekend Recap!

   With the stages broken down and the boots put up, that’s all she wrote to this year’s Country Weekend. Here at MudHen Brewing Co. we celebrated with our Nashville Writer’s Round, where a group of Nashville-based singer-songwriters took turns performing pieces they were working on. This acoustic round-robin type of show featured artist from this year’s Barefoot Country Music Festival: Kenny Curcio, Jason Cross, Jacob Morris, and Michael Divalli. The guys wrangled the whole crowd with raising their glasses, hollerin’, and taking requests.

   Also this weekend was our 2nd annual MudMan Competition. Where Dads and lads participate in a series of games to win the coveted MudMan title. The prize was a MudHen gift basket filled with merchandise and the one of a kind MudMan wooden beer mug and pint glass. Thank you to all that participated Sunday afternoon, and a congrats to Travis the “World’s Greatest Dad” and our 2022 MudMan. Cheers to another great summer weekend at the Hen!

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