Coast Guard Tribute Open Brow Koelsch Beer Release

When the quarterdeck is on the ship enlisted personnel above the rank of E-7 – chief petty officers, senior petty officers, and master chief petty officers, may board the ship at the brow (gangway or accommodation ladder). On some military vessels, such as US naval vessels, enlisted personnel below E-7 board the ship at the afterbrow, stop when they reach the upper platform, face the national ensign and render a hand salute. Next, face the officer of the deck, render a salute and request permission to come aboard. When the officer of the deck returns the salute and grants permission to come aboard, they may board the ship. Luckily none of these customs and courtesies were in place when Mudhen Brewing Company launched our Koelsch style beer, Open Brow, in honor of our Coast Guard community. However, we did not stop people from saluting the beer if they felt so inclined.

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