Brand New Vessel

After a couple delays, our brewery – as it stands at time of publication – is finally officially maxed out with fermentation vessels. And vessel number nine has arrived!

Last week, a few days before the estimated arrival date, Tony got the call that our brand new 30BBL FV was finally in the state of New Jersey. It had made its way across the continent all the way from British Columbia. We now have 9 fermentation vessels – 3 of which are 30BBL and 6 of which are 15BBL – and hope to have the new one hooked up and ready to use sometime in January.

This means even more production in 2021 and we couldn’t be more excited! Stay tuned for blog updates on the first batch of beer that’ll be going into our brand new vessel.

Here it is coming off the truck
Getting situated so we can bring it into the brewery
Still all wrapped from shipping
Peeled and shiny!

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