A Sign Of Things To Come

Originally posted at bloglebrewski.blogspot.com

While Tony and I seem to constantly discuss our business growth and what it means for the brewery and pub, it doesn’t quite seem real that this summer will be the busiest yet for MudHen Brewing Co.

But reality is, well, reality, and the outside expansion already underway for the Biergarten proves just that. On the brewery side of things, we’ve cleaned and passivated our newest fermentation vessel to get it ready for use and are awaiting news of when brewery expansion will begin.

Things are happening quickly around here, including our canning runs.

This week, we’re tackling back-to-back canning runs. By the end of the day on Wednesday, you’ll be able to find both brands in the To Go fridge beside the main bar in the front dining room. Swing by, grab a 4-pack (or two, or three…), and stay warm this weekend with some MudHen IPAs. And they’ll be showing up on store shelves in the southern Jersey and Philly areas very soon!


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