A MudHen Adventure at The Village Pub in Sewell, NJ

In the heart of Sewell, NJ, lies a local haunt that epitomizes the spirit of community and the love for good beer and great times – The Village Pub in Sewell, It’s here that MudHen Brewing Company chose to make its next “MudHen Checks In” visit, guided by the allure of local flavor, camaraderie, and the pub’s renowned 1883 IPA. Our journey into the welcoming atmosphere of The Village Pub not only promised a taste of their famed brews but also an insight into what makes this place a cornerstone of the community.

A Warm Welcome from The Village Pub in Sewell

Greeted by Chris, a key figure behind the Pub’s vibrant atmosphere, we were quickly immersed in the essence of what makes The Village Pub more than just a sports bar. Yes, it’s a fantastic spot to catch a game, but as Chris shared, the Pub offers so much more, encapsulating the true meaning of a gathering place in Sewell.

More Than Just a Game: Specials and Nights to Remember

The Village Pub’s charm is in its daily specials and themed nights, designed to bring people together and offer something for everyone. Happy hour runs from 3 to 6 PM, Monday through Friday, setting the stage for evenings filled with laughter, good company, and great deals.

But the weekly specials are where The Village Pub in Sewell really shines:

  • Mondays feature half-price wings, a delight for fans of both sports and savory snacks.
  • Wednesday Nights light up with trivia, challenging the minds and competitive spirits of patrons.
  • Thursdays are for the burger enthusiasts, with Burger Night offering delectable creations at enticing prices.

And as the week winds down, Fridays and Saturdays elevate the ambiance with live music, bands, and DJ Awesome, turning meals into memorable moments.

Colin's Conversation with Chris at The Village Pub in Sewell, NJ

Colin @MudHenBrew: At the Village Pub Sewell, we’re gonna head inside and talk to Chris. Have an 1883 IPA and see what’s happening. Come on in. Chris, besides a great place to watch sports and all that sort of fun stuff, what else you got going on here? Just specials wise inside, we have a happy hour, three to six, Monday through Friday.

Chris @VillagePubSewell: Our daily specials Mondays, we have half price wings. Wednesday we do trivia night, Thursday’s, our Burger Night, Fridays and Saturdays. We have some live music bands, DJ Awesome. Where can they find you to keep up on the specials? So on any social media, it’s just the Village Pub Online. It’s thevillagepubnj.com.

Colin @MUDHENBREW: Awesome. Well, thank you so much for having us. Yeah, no problem. Cheers. Cheers. Village Pub Sewell.

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Keeping Up with The Village Pub

For those looking to stay in the loop with all the happenings and specials, The Village Pub makes it easy. Their presence on social media and a user-friendly website means you’re never more than a click away from planning your next visit. Just head to thevillagepubnj.com or search for The Village Pub Online on your favorite social platform.

A Toast to Tradition

As our visit concluded, the clinking of glasses between MudHen’s team and Chris symbolized more than just a farewell; it was a celebration of The Village Pub’s role in the community. This establishment isn’t just a place to watch sports or enjoy a night out; it’s a pillar of Sewell, a spot where memories are made, and traditions are kept alive.

In the journey of “MudHen Checks In,” each stop uncovers a new layer of New Jersey’s rich tapestry of pubs and breweries. The Village Pub in Sewell stands out as a beacon of tradition, community, and the simple joy of sharing a good beer with good people. Here’s to more discoveries, more shared moments, and to the enduring spirit of local pubs that, much like The Village Pub, serve as the heartbeats of their communities. Cheers to Sewell, cheers to The Village Pub, and cheers to the adventures that lie ahead in every pint and every gathering.

Village Pub - Sewell, NJ

The Village Pub in Sewell is beloved for its friendly atmosphere and an impressive lineup of local and regional craft beers. It’s a gathering place where the community comes to unwind and celebrate the best of NJ craft beer.

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