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It has been a busy off-season for the Sciarra family as they turned the old Wildwood Cycle building into the new craft beer and restaurant called “MudHen.” It’s address is 127 W Rio Grande Ave, Wildwood, NJ 08260.

Here’s a little history about the name MudHen according to their website

“Mudhen Brewery, named after the first passenger train in Wildwood, NJ is reflective of it’s industrial roots, innovative and opportunistic. In 1883 the West Jersey Railroad was created to carry passengers from Cape May Court House to Anglesea over a precarious bridge through the marshlands. Often washed out at high tide the train knicknamed the “MudHen”, with its “I think I can” attitude chugged its way through the streets to where our MudHen Brew can be enjoyed today. Like the hardworking class of people who traveled to 5 Mile Island to seek greater living, Mudhen Brewing Company conducts a history lesson with every sip.”

Pretty cool right?

Some locals got a sneak-peak into MudHen before their opening for a feedback session.

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