new Mexican restaurant Mexiquila in Somers Point, NJ

A Fresh Take on Hospitality: Mexiquila in Somers Point

New Mexican restaurant, Mexiquila in Somers Point, NJ! Mexiquila is redefining the dining experience with a commitment to heartwarming hospitality and a menu that speaks of elevated, coastal Mexican cuisine without the trappings of a traditional taqueria. Colin from MudHen Brewing Company recently stopped by this vibrant new establishment to meet with Bill, the culinary director, and to get a taste of what Mexiquila in Somers Point has to offer.

Bringing Hospitality Home at Mexiquila in Somers Point

During his visit, Colin discovered that Mexiquila in Somers Point isn’t just about serving food and drinks; it’s about cultivating an atmosphere where every guest feels welcomed and cherished. Bill shared that their goal is to reintroduce genuine hospitality into the dining scene, creating an environment where the staff’s warmth and eagerness to serve are as noticeable as the quality of the ingredients on the plate.

Freshness and Flavor: The Cornerstones of Mexiquila in Somers Point

Bill emphasized that what sets Mexiquila in Somers Point apart is their dedication to freshness. With all tortillas made from scratch daily (about 2000 tortillas a day!), and a focus on sourcing ingredients locally and seasonally, Mexiquila in Somers Point is a haven for those who appreciate the craft of cooking and the taste of authenticity. This fresh, locally-sourced philosophy ensures that each dish not only supports local producers but also provides guests with the highest quality dining experience.

In his parting words, Colin insisted that Mexiquila in Somers Point is a must-visit. Whether it’s for the Holly Beach Wheat or the finely crafted menu, this establishment is creating a buzz for all the right reasons. As the latest culinary hotspot, Mexiquila in Somers Point is poised to become a beloved staple in the community, one freshly-made tortilla at a time.

Colin and Bill's Conversation at Mexiquila in Somers Point

Colin @MudHenBrewWe are at the newly opened Mexiquila in Somers Point. We’re going to go inside, talk to Bill @Mexiquila and have a Holly Beach Wheat and see what’s going on. Come on in. We are here with the culinary director, Bill. Bill, so thank you so much for having us and congratulations on the recent opening.

Bill @MexiquilaThank you.

Colin @MudHenBrewWhat’s the concept? What are you shooting for here at Mexiquila?

Bill @MexiquilaWe’re trying to bring hospitality back into the hospitality business. We’re looking to be slightly elevated, coastal, Mexican but we’re not a taquerito.

Colin @MudHenBrewWhat kind of things are going to be special here?

Bill @MexiquilaWe absolutely make all of our tortillas fresh every day. We’re right now making about 2000 tortillas a day. We do everything fresh, as local as we can, based on the season.

Colin @MudHenBrewYou gotta check it out. Mexiquila in Somers Point. This place is awesome, the food’s outstanding. Thank you so much, Bill. Thank you. Cheers. Appreciate it.

Keeping Up with Mexiquila in Somers Point

Staying informed about all the exciting happenings at Mexiquila in Somers Point is a breeze. Whether you’re looking for the latest events or just want to keep tabs on their special offers, Mexiquila makes it easy to connect. By signing up for updates, you can receive information on all the latest events and specials right in your inbox. For a more immediate and visual experience, follow them on Facebook and Instagram. They’re not just active; they’re engaging and interactive, keeping the conversation going with their community of guests and fans.

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Savor the Flavor at Mexiquila in Somers Point

At Mexiquila, the Mexican menu is a vibrant tapestry of flavors, each dish reflecting the zest and spirit of Mexico. A culinary adventure awaits as they pair an extensive selection of tequilas and mezcals with innovative dishes created to satisfy and surprise. The chefs at Mexiquila are dedicated to handcrafting meals from scratch every day, infusing each plate with passion and creativity.

They take pride in using premium ingredients, thoughtful recipes, and classic techniques to maintain the standard of greatness that Mexiquila stands for. With their farm-to-glass cocktails sourced locally and seasonally, they ensure each drink is as fresh and flavorful as their meals. From spicy and savory appetizers to their sweet, indulgent desserts, Mexiquila is a place where every bite and sip is part of a memorable dining experience.

Mexiquila - Somers Point, NJ

Blending Mexican cuisine with a passion for craft beer, Mexiquila stands out for its unique fusion experience. It’s a place where the flavors of NJ craft beer are perfectly complemented by vibrant dishes.

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